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The Tutor system

Year 7 Tutor Groups consist of a mix of students from the four college groups: Blue, Green, Red and Yellow. In Years 8-11 the Tutor Groups are arranged by college and consist of an equal mixture from across the four year groups. This vertical tutoring system allows for greater flexibility in peer-mentoring, increased access to positive role-models, and the opportunity for students of different ages to work collaboratively and support each other throughout the year.

Each of the four Colleges has a College Principal who is an experienced leader within our current Pastoral Team. The College Principal has direct responsibility for the academic and pastoral care of your child.

Tutor Teams 2016-17

Year 7

Principal Tutor: Mrs E Tin

College Principals

Blue College: Miss S Parry; Green College: Mr M Way; Red College: Miss C Haines; Yellow College: Mr K Jefferies

 Sixth Form

Principal Tutor: Mrs K McArdle; Deputy Principal Tutor: Mrs L Cope

Year 7 Tutors

Purple Band

  • 7P Mr C Luker
  • 7U Ms L Gibson
  • 7R Miss E Staten
  • 7L Miss E Richardson
  • 7E Miss G Scarisbrick

White Band

  • 7W Miss H Kenvin
  • 7H Mrs K Saunders / Mrs C Caswell
  • 7I Mr A Hammond
  • 7T Miss A Flook

Year 8-11 Vertical Tutor Groups

Blue College Tutors

  • B1 Ms A Smith
  • B2 Mrs J Wood / Miss A Andrews
  • B3 Mrs D Benson
  • B4 Ms E Louden
  • B5 Mr B Cobbold
  • B6 Mrs N Hawkins / Ms K Griffin
  • B7 –
  • B8 Mr M Crumb
  • B9 Miss H Drain
  • B10 Miss B Luke/ Mr W Knight

Green College Tutors

  • G1 Mr G O’Driscoll
  • G2 Ms K Currell / Miss G Hibberd
  • G3 Ms K Matyla
  • G4 –
  • G5 Mr D Barrington
  • G6 Mr C Hall
  • G7 Mr C Paul / Mr M Humphries
  • G8 Mr C Stell
  • G9 Mr H Twist
  • G10 Miss H Jones

Red College Tutors

  • R1 Mrs A Coates
  • R2 Ms M Steenbergen/ Mrs Weeden
  • R3 Mrs L Montague Mrs H Tinsley
  • R4 Ms McLaren
  • R5 Ms P Dickinson/ Ms A Andrews
  • R6 –
  • R7 Mr P Cottrell
  • R8 Miss C Brogden
  • R9 Mrs S Ho
  • R10 Mrs N Hawkins

Yellow College Tutors

  • Y1 Ms L Montague / Ms E Kennedy
  • Y2 Ms S Bradley
  • Y3 Ms K Derrick
  • Y4 Ms C Johnson
  • Y5 Ms K Fuller
  • Y6 –
  • Y7 Miss L Chaston
  • Y8 Mrs K Pearce / Mrs C Baguley
  • Y9 Mr Ellis
  • Y10 Miss K Manson

Sixth Form Tutors

  • 1: Mr M Streeton
  • 2: Miss D Peskett
  • 3: Mrs E Evans
  • 4: Mrs L Spokes
  • 5: –
  • 6: Mr J Friend
  • 7: Dr L Spencer
  • 8: Mrs E Hawes
  • 9: Miss F Simpson
  • 10: Mr R Lacey
  • 11: Mrs J Morgan
  • 12: Mr M Wilson
  • 13: Mrs E Keen
  • 14: Mr M Vosper
  • 15: Mr P Baldrey
  • 16: Mrs S Drake
  • 17: –
  • 18: Mr R Bunce
  • 19: Mrs L Reid
  • 20: Mr J Turnbull

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