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Trips and Visits

We are fortunate that staff willingly give up their time to organise residential and day visits as part of Academy life. Great care is taken to ensure that all expeditions are well organised and led by experienced staff, and we hope parents will encourage their children to take part. All trips are passed through the Trips Committee and undertake a rigorous risk assessment prior to departure.

In order to help parents plan their priorities over their children’s education, the established residential visits are set out below with the year groups to whom they are offered. Other visits may of course arise from time to time.

In addition to many visits to theatres, museums, lectures etc. a full range of other activities are on offer. In years past we have visited South Korea, Kenya, Gambia, Honduras, Iceland, Italy, Greece, France, Germany, Spain, Mexico and the USA.

Parents are asked to note particularly the arrangements for collecting children on their return when this is out of hours. On long journeys it is impossible to be precise about the time of arrival and it is appreciated if parents can arrive approximately 15 minutes before the stated time and be prepared to wait. In the case of prolonged delays you will be notified by mobile phone.

Year 7

  • Bristol zoo visit

Year 8 upwards

  • Skiing Course
  • Watersports Course

Year 8-10

  • German Exchange in Vahingen an der Enz *

Year 9

  • Chinese exchange trip
  • French Exchange trip with Limoges *

Years 9 & 10 upwards

  • History Field Trip – Year 9 Battlefields
  • Geography Field Trip – Year 10 Lulworth Cove

Years 10-13 

  • Spanish Language Trip

Years 11, 12 & 13

  • Art Trips to Paris, Barcelona, Rome or New York

Year 13

  • Biology Field Trip – Pembrokeshire
  • Earth Science trip to Exmoor

* It is highly desirable that all children learning French and German should join in an exchange at least once.

Payment for Trips and Visits

It is usually possible to pay for trips over a period of time. If the cost of a visit is difficult to meet due to financial hardship, it may be possible for St John’s to provide some financial assistance. Requests of this nature should be addressed to the Principal and will, of course, be treated in confidence.

Payment for most trips can be made online through ParentPay using a credit or debit card and this is St John’s preferred method of payment. ParentPay is a secure online payment method which can be accessed 24/7 from the Links > For Parents menu options on our website and gives peace of mind that a payment has not been lost en route to St John’s. In most cases it will not be necessary to return a paper permission slip to school if payment is made online as consent is given as part of the payment process.

For more expensive trips ParentPay will allow you to pay what you like (minimum £10.00) when you like, in order to meet the payment deadlines. If a refund is necessary, these will be made back to the original payment card or by cheque. For security purposes we request that you do not make payments in cash.

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