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Medical Matters

Our Senior Medical Coordinator is on hand to provide First Aid and deal with illness that arises during the school day. A number of members of the teaching and non-teaching staff are also qualified First Aiders. Parents are asked not to send children to St John’s in an unfit state, when a visit to their GP would be more appropriate.

St John’s should be informed of all matters relating to the health, physical, emotional and psychological welfare of your child.

The School Health Nurse visits throughout the year, and is available to discuss medical matters with students and/or parents. Vaccinations and immunisations are carried out as part of the normal Community Health Services preventative medicine programme. Parents are advised of these as they occur.

If a student becomes ill during the day, it is necessary to contact a parent to take him/her home, as we have no facilities for other than temporary illness. For this reason, IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT A DAYTIME TELEPHONE CONTACT NUMBER IS AVAILABLE FOR EVERY FAMILY.

If a student needs to be taken to hospital we would expect parents/carers to attend the hospital and collect their son or daughter if at all possible.

Parents of students who have care plans and rescue medication must ensure that our Senior Medical Coordinator has an up to date and signed care plan and rescue medication in date and in its’ original container, with the prescription label clearly visible.

Student Medication Procedures

Further to recent changes in the Local Authority guidelines on administering medications in the academy, it has been necessary to amend our procedures here at St John’s.

Very few medicines need to be taken during academy hours and in most cases the appropriate dosage of medicine when prescribed to be taken “three times a day” can be given “before school, after school and at night”.

Medication will not be given to any student without the specific written consent of the parent/carer. Non-prescribed medicines will not be given even with the consent of parents/carers.

A request for academy staff to administer medicine must be in writing and include evidence that the child needs to take medicine during Academy hours, e.g. instructions on the container or advice from the pharmacist. Standard forms are available in Student Services to assist with this process. Medicines must be in the pharmacist’s original container, clearly labelled with the student’s name and the dosage/ instructions.

The medicine, together with a completed and signed consent form, should be delivered to the academy, where possible by a parent/carer and should be handed to the Senior Medical Coordinator or Duty First Aider. Some parents/carers may decide that their child is responsible enough to administer their own medication. In such instances, a child should only carry a single dose of medication, for their own use, to the academy in their school bags. Asthmatic students must carry their inhalers at all times or leave them with the designated adult during PE lessons.

Students requiring controlled drugs will not be allowed to carry their own medication, as this type of medication has to be kept in a locked cupboard within student services.

Any medication which has passed its expiry date should be collected from the academy by parents within 5 days of the expiry date.

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