Independent Study Day

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Independent Study Day

Each year, one of the staff development days at St John’s is an Independent Study Day (ISD), when student work at home on a task that involves independent learning based around a topic or theme suitable for their year group. 

ISDs give students the chance to create a piece of work that will allow them to use the skills they have acquired at St John’s or the space to study for forthcoming examinations. ISDs offer students the freedom to be creative, research their ideas and produce an end product that goes across all subject areas. Students can then use whatever medium they choose to display their finished task.

The Independent Study Day was set up to allow students the chance to be master of their own learning and offer the discipline of planning and preparation that is vital to the success of any project; it is a genuine lifelong learning skill that students of the 21st century must grasp if they are to be adaptable members of society.

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