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The St John’s uniform is an essential part of the ethos of the school.  Our smart, comfortable uniform should instil in our students a sense of pride in their personal appearance and also in representing St John’s.

Our school uniform is provided by School Colours and is only available to purchase online through this website (see sidebar links).

Acceptable in School

NOT Acceptable In School

Blazers: St John’s navy blue tailored jacket with academy name.

Blazers should be worn at all times.

No other jacket or blazer is allowed.
Trousers: Black only in a traditional,
full-length, tailored style.
No fashion styles e.g. skinny, jeggings, leggings, baggy, or jeans.

No trousers with embellishments, metal studs, rips, fake zips.

No cords, chinos, patterned fabric, linen trousers, combat style trousers or branded items.

Belts: Black only. No decorative belts or buckles.
Skirts: St John’s tailored straight or pleated black skirt with logo ONLY. Skirts to be worn at a modest length. No other style or make of skirt is allowed.
Shirts: White formal school shirt with a turn down collar.

Shirts must be tucked in at all times.

A plain white vest or t-shirt may be worn underneath.

No polo shirts.

No decorations, logos.

No visible, coloured t-shirts or vests.

Jumpers: St John’s navy blue v-neck with college colour stripe around the neck and logo tab. No alternative jumper is allowed.

No cardigans, sweatshirts or hoodies.

Tie: Boys only, navy blue with logo stripes.
Footwear: Black shoes.  These should be plain, leather or leather look, hardwearing and of a sensible style. No heels, boots, canvas, fur, basketball boots, trainers or skate shoes.

No fashion brands, styles or accessories such as studs or bows.

No alternative coloured soles or laces.

No coloured or branded logos.

Socks: Navy, black, grey or white socks.

Tights: Black, navy or neutral.

Single colour only.

No textured, patterned, fishnet or embellished styles.

Shorts: Black, knee-length, classic tailored shorts during the summer terms only.

Please do consult this list before purchasing any uniform.  Please remember that only blazers, skirts, jumpers and ties purchased from our online uniform shop are permitted at St John’s.


All students are issued with a uniform card. If the uniform worn does not meet the ‘Acceptable’ description above, a member of staff will ask to see the uniform card and sign it. If a student persists in wearing incorrect uniform, then sanctions will be put in place in line with the St John’s behaviour policy. For a great number of students this will never need to be used and reward points will be issued for a ‘clean sheet’.  Students must always have their uniform card with them at St John’s.

Our Sport and PE Kit is provided by School Colours and is only available to purchase online at our website

St John’s Sport and PE Kit

Compulsory Items

Optional Items

St John’s Navy polo shirt
St John’s Navy Hoody (girls)
St John’s Navy Rugby Shirt (boys)
St John’s Navy Shorts
St John’s Navy tracksuit bottoms
St John’s Navy/Sky Blue Socks
St John’s Navy Hoody (boys)
St John’s Navy Rugby Shirt  (girls)
All items of kit are to be labelled on the outside. See below.

Students will also require non-marking training shoes, rugby or football boots, white ankle socks and shin pads depending on the activity.

A 50% subsidy on all compulsory items purchased online is available to students who are entitled to Free School Meals. See http://www.stjohns.wilts.sch.uk/support/free-school-meals/.

Labelling Sports Kit

Please ensure that all sports kit is marked with the owner’s name.  The kit is to be labelled on the outside of the garment for easy identification and to reduce the risk of theft.

The diagrams below indicate where the kit is to be labelled and labels can be purchased from www.easy2name.com.  Please ensure that both sides of the rugby top are labelled.

The required labels are the One Inch ID Tag Labels – Navy Blue Background with Gold Metallic Letters as detailed below.   The labels are to be stitched on the opposite side to the St John’s logo. An order form may be found in the Uniform policy PDF.


PE Kit - Boys Polo Shirt - Labelled  PE Kit - Girls Polo Shirt - Labelled PE Kit - Rugby shirt - Labelled PE Kit - Boys Shorts - Labelled PE Kit - socks labelled

Care and marking of property

Having provided your child with expensive items of clothing and equipment, please make sure that he/she takes good care of them.
Each item of clothing and property should be clearly and indelibly marked. Unless this is done we cannot help to find lost belongings. Name tapes which are sewn into clothes last longer than adhesive ones.

Make sure that your child realises the importance of thorough searching and quick reporting if any item is lost. Carelessness is responsible for far more loss than dishonesty and sometimes unmarked, quite valuable property (eg a watch), goes unclaimed because no one bothers to ask for it.

Lost Property – all items both named and unnamed, including items of sports kit will be available in the Atrium each Monday and Friday from 09:30 – 14:30. Unclaimed unnamed items of lost property will be disposed of at the end of the summer term or possibly each term if the storage space available is exceeded. The school can accept no responsibility for property lost on school premises.

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