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St John’s Student Council


What does it do?

The student council meets – usually with a teacher present, to:

  • discuss and sort out problems which have been raised,
  • develop ideas to improve the academy for everyone and
  • organise activities.

Most importantly, it’s the students’ voice. Members of the student council will be responsible for carrying out the ideas that have been agreed.

What is a student council?

A group of students elected to represent the views of all pupils and to improve St John’s.

How does it work?

Two students from each tutor group are chosen to represent their tutor group’s views. These two students meet with their College Captains and raise any issues or ideas the tutor group members have. The College Captains will then represent their colleges in the whole academy council meeting.

When the council has discussed student views and ideas or have started to take action on them, they feed back to students through assemblies.

What makes a good council?

  • Represents the views of all students
  • Gets things done
  • Regular meetings
  • Not too big
  • Good communication between the representatives and their class
  • Training for council members
  • Annual evaluations

What are the benefits of an effective student council?

  • Responsible behaviour
  • More effective and respected academy policies
  • Pupils have pride in themselves and their academy
  • Greater understanding of pupils’ experiences
  • Better attendance
  • More trust
  • Improved skills (communication, negotiation, decision-making, teamwork)
  • Improved relationships between pupils and teachers
  • Higher attainment
  • Reduction in pupil exclusions
  • Citizenship awareness
  • Reduction in bullying
  • Improved relationships between pupils

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