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Able, Gifted and Talented (AGAT)

We use the DfES terms able, gifted and talented. Gifted refers to students who achieve, or have the ability to achieve at a level significantly in advance for their year group. They are considered able if they achieve this in one or more subjects in the statutory curriculum. Talented refers to pupils who have this ability or potential in Art, Music, PE, Sport or Creative Art. We also consider students who are gifted in the area of Citizenship.

It is sometimes assumed that gifted and talented students will achieve success in the education system easily. This is not always the case. Teachers have a particular responsibility for the development and progression of this group. This responsibility is one we take very seriously, since these young people are an important national resource for the future. We are committed to ensuring that gifted and talented students are given access to high quality opportunities in and around the academy which will allow their developing expertise to be realised and nurtured, and their success to be secured. Through targeted direct intervention we also plan to reverse the effects of socio-economic disadvantage or lack of support where they exist.

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